Every time someone asks me, “What is Key Club?”, it brings a huge smile to my face.

Lots of people from my school think that Key Club is a social club and hope that they will gain popularity from that. Although you do make lots of new friends, Key Club is also about making others happy which is why, our motto is Caring- Our Way of Life.

Key Club is the OLDEST and LARGEST service organization in the world! There are about 34 Districts in Key Club 11027978_1071521099548173_3533056398680439435_nInternational, many regions in one district, about five -14 divisions in a region, and five -12 clubs in a division. The process might be complicated, but think of it as gallons to quarts to pints to cups. Key Club is student led so the STUDENTS are the ones who vote for the board. Chaperones and advisors are just there to support the kids.

My district is the Cali-Nev-Ha district. Our family is formed by Key Clubbers from California, Nevada, and Hawaii. I am a part of Region 3 and Division 4 West.

Yes, it is true. We do have loads of fun by having dances and field trips to Six Flags as our events, but we do raise money for charities and foundations. PTP stands for Pediatric Trauma Program and by raising money for this program, we are all helping families from all over the world.One of the best events of the school year is Fall Rally South (FRS) [Fall Rally North is in Northern California]. Key Clubbers from Southern California and some from Nevada and Hawaii come to Six Flags in Valencia to celebrate our hard work. Even though the whole point of going to FRS is to glorify our goal of raising money for PTP, one of the craziest things we do is cheer our hearts out.

Being the Division Spirit Coordinator, I have to create cheers for the rallies. Although we are ALL winners, I am trying my best to pump my division up to win the Spirit Stick. Winning it just makes my whole division and me look cool.

Joining Key Club made my high school years a lot better and you can think of it as a stress reliever. Walking into a room filled with Key Clubbers kind souls REALLY does make your heart melt.
I’d continue on about my journey but this is just the beginning… to be continued.

It’s October 21 and I finally finished making my cheer video. I got a lot of great feedback from my friends and the Lieutenant Governor and it felt really good. I was so happy I nearly cried. I’m about to teach one of the cheers at the Key Club meeting today and I am so nervous. Inside feels like a cluster of butterflies trying to escape but it can’t. My head is spinning round and round and it feels like I’m going to break down. I don’t even know why I am nervous; The people who are going to watch me are mostly freshmen and sophomores so I shouldn’t worry. I think I am just scared of screwing up in front of 120 people. To me, this is a warm up because on Saturday, I will be teaching the rest of the division  ALL of the cheers. More than 300 people are going and it makes me so happy but nervous at the same time.